Terms & conditions

Last updated in May  2014.

Introduction. Acceptance of General Conditions.

These general sales conditions (the “General Conditions”) are the conditions that apply to the sale of the products (the “Products”) sold via the website shop.nrrapisardi.it (the “Site”) by NR S.r.l., a limited liability company with head office at Via Mazzini 61, Florence, registered in the register of companies of Florence as No. 01521850972, and in general to the relationship between NR S.r.l. and the buyers of the products sold via the Site (individually the “Customer”). Every time a Customer places an order on the Site, the Customer will be explicitly asked to accept the General Conditions, and such acceptance constitutes the Customer’s full approval of all terms contained in the General Conditions in effect on the date of the order as well as the acknowledgment that NR S.r.l. does not consider itself bound by any other conditions unless agreed upon with the Customer in advance in writing. The Customer must therefore carefully read the General Conditions. NR S.r.l. reserves the right to change, add to or wholly or partially remove any part of the General Conditions at its sole discretion at any time and without prior notice. Changes become effective as soon as they are published on the Site.

Products. Order.

Every purchase of Products by the Customer will be carried out via an order on the Site. The Customer can only purchase the Products present on the Site at the time of the order as described on the Site. NR S.r.l. reserves the right to change the information regarding the Products without the need for prior notification of the Customer. The image present on the Site for each Product might not be perfectly representative of the Product, which could differ in colour, size and particular accessories; hence there might be differences between the image published on the Site and the Product actually delivered to the Customer. NR S.r.l. is not liable for any errors or inaccuracies of the photographic reproductions present on the Site. In case of doubts regarding the Products, the Customer may contact the customer service department via the e-mail address customerservice@nrrapisardi.it or by telephone at +39 055 2346142. To purchase Products, the Customer must register on the Site by entering his/her general information and any other data requested during registration in order to create his/her account. When creating an account, the Customer agrees to keep the access data safe and refrain from divulging them to third parties. Any purchase made via an account will be considered a purchase made by the Customer who is the owner of the account. If the Customer needs to change any of the information entered at the time of the order before the Product is shipped, he/she must promptly contact NR S.r.l. via an e-mail to the address customerservice@nrrapisardi.it or by telephone at +39 055 2346142. The data entered at the time of the order can no longer be changed after the Product has been shipped. Every order will be considered as the Customer’s acceptance of the price (and shipping costs) and of the Product’s characteristics as shown on the Site at the time of the order. The confirmation of the order and the shipping of the Product by NR S.r.l. will be considered as NR S.r.l.’s acceptance of the contract proposal, and the contract (as regulated by these General Conditions) will be considered concluded and binding for both parties. NR S.r.l. reserves the right to cancel the order, even after its confirmation, if the product chosen by the Customer is not available. In that case, NR S.r.l. will promptly inform the Customer and will refund in full any amount paid by the Customer at the time of the order unless otherwise agreed upon with the Customer.

Payment of the price. Payment security. Invoicing.

Every order must be paid by the Customer at the time of the order with the methods indicated on the Site. Product prices shown on the Site are expressed exclusively in euro and include all applicable taxes and fees with the exception of the shipping costs. Shipping costs vary based on the destination country and will be shown on the Site before the Customer confirms the order. At the time of the order, the Customer can choose one of the following payment methods: credit card, advance bank transfer, PayPal. NR S.r.l. undertakes to ensure the security and confidentiality of the data transmitted by the Customer via the Site at the time of the order’s payment. The Site employs an external operator for the management of the payment services; the operator uses a secure payment form through which the data provided by the Customer are encrypted. Once the transaction is closed and the purchase has been completed, NR S.r.l. will issue an invoice for the order, which will be sent to the Customer inside the package together with the purchased Product.

Shipping and delivery of the Products.

Once the Customer has confirmed the order, NR S.r.l. will deliver the ordered Product to the Customer at the address indicated at the time of the order. Products are delivered by courier, and shipping costs are charged to the Customer and paid upon confirmation of the order on the Site. In case of non-delivery or late delivery of the Product, the Customer must promptly inform NR S.r.l. In any case, complaints communicated more than 30 days after the date of acceptance of the order will not be accepted. The Product remains the property of NR S.r.l. until NR S.r.l. has received payment of the price. The Customer assumes all risks, including the risk of loss, damage or theft of the Product, as of the date on which NR S.r.l. consigns the Product to the shipping company. Upon the Product’s delivery, the Customer must check the Product’s compliance and must promptly inform NR S.r.l. of any defects found. If the delivered Product does not comply with the order made by the Customer or, in any case, the Customer is not satisfied with the Product, the Customer may return the Product, requesting either the Product’s replacement or exercising the right of withdrawal as specified below.

Right of withdrawal. Replacement of Product.

Within fourteen days of having received the Product, the Customer may exercise his/her right of withdrawal or request replacement of the Product following the procedure described below.
If the Customer wants to exercise his/her right of withdrawal or request replacement of the Product, the Customer must (i) contact NR S.r.l., within the fourteen-day deadline indicated above, via the e-mail address customerservice@nrrapisardi.it or by telephone at +39 055 2346142 in order to communicate the withdrawal or the request for a replacement, (ii) indicate the purchased Product and the respective order number, (iii) specify if the communication’s purpose is a withdrawal or the replacement of the Product and (iv) specify the reason for the withdrawal or replacement.
In order for the right of withdrawal to be exercised or the Product to be replaced, the Product must be returned to NR S.r.l. within fourteen business days from the date on which the Customer sent the notice regarding the withdrawal or Product replacement to NR S.r.l.; the Product must be returned (i) in the original package in which it was shipped by NR S.r.l., (ii) in perfect conditions (not used, damaged or worn), without any signs of use (except those resulting from a quick try-on of the Product by the Customer) and with all of its original accessories in order to permit its resale by NR S.r.l., (iii) accompanied by the transport documentation with which it was received and (iv) by courier, with transport costs and risks assumed entirely by the Customer.
In case of a request for withdrawal, within fourteen days of reception of the Product in the conditions indicated above, NR S.r.l. will refund the price paid by the Customer for the Product for which the right of withdrawal has been exercised; the refund will be credited to the credit card used by the Customer at the time of the order or made in a different manner if the Product was purchased with another payment method.
In case of a request for replacement, within fourteen days of reception of the Product in the conditions indicated above, NR S.r.l will replace the Product if the Product requested by the Customer as replacement is available. Shipping costs for the return of the Product in case of withdrawal or for sending the Product in case of replacement will be paid by the Customer.

Termination of contract.

NR S.r.l. reserves the right to terminate the contract stipulated with the Customer by simply notifying the latter. In case of contract termination by NR S.r.l., the Customer only has the right to a refund of the entire amount paid at the time of the Product’s purchase.

Warranty. Absence of further guarantees. Liabilities.

The warranty on the Product covers material and manufacturing defects of the Product and is valid for ninety days as of the date of the Product’s delivery to the Customer. If the Product is believed to be defective, the Customer must take a picture of the Product and promptly contact NR S.r.l. at the e-mail address customerservice@nrrapisardi.it or by telephone at +39 055 2346142 within ten days of the Product’s reception. If at the exclusive discretion of NR S.r.l. the Product is considered defective, such Product may be replaced or repaired or, alternatively, the price paid by the Customer to purchase the Product may be refunded.
Except for the indications in the preceding paragraph, all Products are sold as is, and NR S.r.l. does not make any declarations or give any guarantees of any kind, either explicitly or implicitly, regarding the Products (including implicit guarantees for marketability, protection against counterfeiting and suitability).
NR S.r.l. cannot be held liable under any circumstances for any inconvenience or damages resulting from the use of the sold Products, the use of the Site or in connection with the services provided via the Site.

Intellectual property rights. Cookies.

All intellectual property rights concerning the information and material provided via the Site (including texts, images, graphic elements, etc.) are the exclusive property of NR S.r.l. or are used with the permission of the rightful owners. Nothing on the Site can be regarded as an assignment of the intellectual property rights concerning the Products and the information or materials present on the Site to third parties. Any complete or partial reproduction of the Site’s contents by the Customer or by other parties not expressly authorised is strictly prohibited.
The Site uses cookies to improve and facilitate access to the Site by the Customer. Cookies are small files saved in the RAM of the Customer’s computer or device each time the Site is visited. Use of cookies by the Site can be prevented through suitable changes to the settings of the browser used to access the Site. Changing those settings could prevent or limit access to the Site or to some of its contents.

Privacy policy.

The Customer’s personal data, collected by NR S.r.l. while the Customer browses the Site or conducts transactions for the purchase of the Products, are collected and processed by NR S.r.l. according to the terms found in the Data Protection Note that can be consulted on the Site. When viewing the Data Protection Note, the Customer explicitly consents to the processing and communication of his/her personal data for the purposes and with the methods described in the Data Protection Note.

Applicable laws. Competent court.

The General Conditions are regulated and interpreted according to Italian law without any regard for the conflict-of-laws principles. Unless the law provides for the binding competence of a different court, the Court of Florence is competent for all disputes regarding the General Conditions and, in general, the relations between NR S.r.l. and the Customer.